As promised, after loss of our main coder Nemesis, some news about rearrangement...
We moved some bunch of members to "missed in action" section, and are now focusing to our true love Amiga... And hey STOP THE PRESS... Rebb is back :)

Monday, 11th October 2010, 22:41


Rebb do Reed!

Well almost anyway. Wait for the final release, it will be worth it!

Wednesday, 12th May 2010, 00:10


Missed in action!

Our Bavarian reinforcements, namely Nemesis and his troops, choose to left our homebase for new missions and infernal glory.
We wish you all the luck and keep the Bavarian flag waving!

Since our loss, we are rethinking our way of doing in group wise. We will probably inform about these changes later on.
Meanwhile check Rebb in action:


Read the lame excuses for tunes from blog at:

And finally show your eternal respect at:

Friday, 9th April 2010, 20:48


after the party

yay, we survived bnz18 and already looking forward to bnz19 :) it's been a great party and place to be.
for all who didn't recognize, we had a release there. finally a replayer for oldskool module formats running on all psp revisions! check out the releasepage and head for 'futureplayer' if you're crazy for some module ownage outside your pc ;)
the next party is already aimed at - meet us at tum'09 \o/

so far - nem/prd

Friday, 4th September 2009, 13:00



as some of you know, buenzli will take place soon and of course paradise will not hestiate to participate to one of the best parties during the year!
get up, sign up today at buenz.li and have some fun and beer from august 14th-16th with sceners from all over europe!

cheers - nem/prd

Wednesday, 8th July 2009, 11:14



back from breakpoint we are very satisfied with our achievement of rank 9 in the
console/wild compo :) working until the very last minutes we finally got it ready for release.
thanks to 71m and shazz who helped us out! we hope you enjoyed the show and are
looking forward to deliver you some more stuff for your eyes and ears. stay tuned! ;)


Wednesday, 15th April 2009, 15:17


20 years!

what else can be better than another decade of scenestuff by paradise :)
for that reason we are going to find ourselves together in montbéliard in france
celebrating that nice happening with some beers and friends at numerica artparty #2!
also feel free to join us at breakpoint and get us some beers! (that'd be the most important part ;D )
for now we say goodbye and wish you a nice time enjoying our stuff!
your demosceners from


Thursday, 12th February 2009, 20:47


greetings mates :)
you maybe mentioned that we unfortunately were not present at tum. we really tried and looked forward to this event - however i catched a quite bad cold and was knocked out just 2 days before the party started.. so this made it impossible for me to firstly join the party and secondly finish the prod anyway.. so we decided to stay at home and join the next parties in the new year :) well.. now i'm up and healthy again.
besides a bad news is that my coding-harddrive crashed today and i had to try to restore all neccessary data. luckily it seems like i could safe my entire code directory but i have to rebuild my whole system. as this needs some time our release will be even more delayed than it already is.
but don't worry :) we won't give up to bring you some releases the forthcoming weeks and months - so stay tuned.

laters! - nem/prd

Friday, 2nd January 2009, 01:03


evening folks!
thanks to stormbringer we have another two releases to list :)
both of them are remakes of intros paradise released during the first amiga-years. the new versions are now ported to windows so you can watch them easily with just one doubleclick instead of launching an emulator ;)

cya - nem/prd

Sunday, 7th December 2008, 19:00


hej there
well as some of you may already know we are present at TUM'2008..
feel free to join the party in karlsruhe/germany and deliver some nice prods or just exchange opinions with creative people.. hope to see you there!

greetings.. - nem/prd

Monday, 17th November 2008, 19:02


hello dear scenefriends..
welcome to our new home :)
memberlist is finally up-to-date and a new history was written for you! enjoy ;)

cya soon! - nem/prd

Saturday, 15th November 2008, 22:36