the amiga demogroup 'paradise' was founded in 1989 by a german coder called tedric.
actually there were another 2 with the same name - one of them also based in germany, the other in belgium -
which was solved with a big merge of all 3 groups to prevent confusion about the releases of each other.
however after quite an active time with several releases 'paradise' disbanded silently in 1993 as most
of the members joined other groups or disappeared.
eventually tedric and premium also went different ways in mid 1993 and 'paradise' was gone.

some years later the former member premium decided to revive 'paradise' as a demogroup not focussed
on a platform but open for all kinds of sceners in 2004. unfortunately it was hard to find any and it started
quite silently again. anyway premium didn't abandon the project and involved musicians, graphicians and coders
from time to time and the revival finally succeeded.
after some time releasing for pc 'paradise' focusses on projects for psp and amiga again nowadays.
and even if it's quite silent about us - we're having fun in what we do and are looking forward to present
you some creative offspring in the future :) cya at the next party!